Multidisciplinary Industrial Designer.

Design Thinking always talks about the importance of working in multidisciplinary teams.
It is a thought that always fascinated me, so much so that I decided to study to have a multidisciplinary training.
I studied Physiotherapy, but in a special way, always with the vision of a designer, looking for problems in the products that my patients used (orthoses, prostheses ...).
The first thing I did after graduating was to apply at IED · Madrid to study Product Design that same year with a clear intention: SOLVING PROBLEMS.
Thanks to this unusual combination of disciplines, I have managed to develop, with circular thinking, some revolutionary projects in their field related to health, which led me, in 2019, to become National Double Finalist and TOP 20 International in the prestigious international competition of James Dyson Award design.
In addition to this undeniable vocation, in me, as a designer, there is another very daring facet with a very marked character that is reflected in all my designs in which my great versatility can be highlighted.
I have selected projects from the disciplines in which I have worked that best represent my personality.
Among those disciplines, the ones I love the most are the design of Structural Packaging, which I have had the honor of traveling to Milan after being selected as a Finalist in the prestigious international Bruni Glass Design Awards · Milan and therefore appear in its catalog officially by signing a contract with them.
Experimenting with materials is another of my passions, I like to try new things and make the most of each one of 
Working at Garmart Design and brands like Hustlers.Co New York, and Fubu Watches New York, I've fully exploited my love for watches and accessories and fully developed my designer skills, from the conceptualization phase of a watch or structural packaging until its technical development.
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